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After a long break, Strathpeffer welcomed back its hugely successful science fair that was "buzzing with excitement" and drew in more than 210 attendees.

The Strathpeffer Community Centre Science Fair, which took place on Saturday, featured a range of captivating exhibits and competitions throughout the event for attendees.

Exhibits included an astronomy star drome which offered mesmerizing half-hour starry planetarium shows; a glimpse into the world of marine life conservation from Whale and Dolphin Conservation; insights into sustainable forestry practices from the Forestry Commission and an informative look at renewable energy solutions from Energy4all.
Young event attendees also had the opportunity to participate in quiz competitions, so that everyone involved had an opportunity to learn something new. One young participant at the event said they learnt about “how we’re made of stars”.

The event was held alongside the Highlands and Islands Climate Festival, with a theme of "One World, One Planet", emphasizing the importance of global unity in addressing climate challenges.

"In conclusion, the Science Fair at Strathpeffer Community Centre proved to be a resounding success, drawing in over 210 attendees. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the individuals and organisations that contributed to making this event possible, ensuring that the spirit of curiosity and community thrives in Strathpeffer. We look forward to more such exciting experiences in the future, as the community continues to embrace the wonders of science and discovery!

"The event's success was made possible through generous funding from the Highland Council."

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