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What is Strathpeffer Saves?

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Following consultation with local people and organisations Strathpeffer Community Association were successful in a funding bid to the Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund.


Local residents who participated in workshops and returned questionnaires expressed their wish for the Strathpeffer community to develop further its green credentials, respond to climate challenge and access advice and support on how best we can make a difference to the environment, with immediate and longer lasting benefits.


Strathpeffer Saves project aims to engage local people and organisations in raising awareness about the issues we face by climate change and the opportunities available to improve on how we can use our local resources, including energy, more efficiently and save costs through reducing our impact on the environment – our carbon footprint!


We are looking to work with key local partners and organisations to support the project, run  workshops to raise awareness about carbon literacy, invite local households to take part in energy audits with advice on how to improve energy use and bills, encourage growing local produce and how all of this together will help make a difference through thinking globally and acting locally.


As an independent and community owned and run charity, Strathpeffer Community Association has started to look at its building and how energy savings can be made. Plans are in place to improve the Community Centre's energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.


If you are interested in finding out more Strathpeffer Saves and would like to get involved please get in touch with Cameron Duncan our new Development Officer at  Strathpeffer Community Centre.


Strathpeffer Saves is supported by Strathpeffer Residents' Association, Strathpeffer Community Council, Strathpeffer Primary School, Home Energy Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland and other local organisations.


To find out more and get involved please contact:  

Cameron Duncan

Development Officer

Strathpeffer Saves

Strathpeffer Community Centre

Mob:  07444 602025

Strathpeffer Community Development Trust Ltd

School Road, Strathpeffer, IV14 9AG

Tel: 01997 421 989

Company Limited by Guarantee

Company No. 207195

Registered Charity No SC000688

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